Starting Online Fashion business? Here's how to do IT (Part 4)

So, you have finalised your online shop name, set up your website, got your stocks, now you have to decide how to bring in your sales. If you remember my earlier posts, you would have realised that building any business online needs a few variables as follows:

  1. Information or Product Description - concise, accurate information is what online shoppers seek, about any product. The more information you give, the more attractive your product will be. consider the following example:

Sample description one: Two piece kurta suit

Sample description two: Shine in any occasion in this two piece linen cotton Pakistani style kurta suit.

In the first description, we are only saying two things - two piece, kurta suit.

In the second description, we are saying two piece (set), fabric linen cotton, style Pakistani and can be used for any occasion. You decide which would attract potential buyers more.

2. Reviews or testimonials - people generally believe what others say, thus most products sell well when there are more positive reviews about it or about the site. Occasionally, we highlight customer feedback on our social media pages. It adds to the intangible value of the product. It is the same as how people make purchases on marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, AliExpress etc. The more 5 star rating a product gets, the more purchases are likely to happen.

For fashion, a couple of photos of customers wearing your design would add value and possibly bring new sales.

3. Ease of Purchase - many shoppers abandon carts for multiple reasons, the common is payment method. Not everyone has a credit card and not everyone has PayPal/Pioneer account. Ideally provide customers with online and offline options. At B.B we make equal amount of sales through online and off line payments. If the demography of your followers belongs to the generation that has just started working, none of the above except e-wallets will be available. On the other hand if your customers are mainly housewives, they may prefer to bank in the amount as they may not even have e-wallets. The easier it is to check out, the faster a sale can be concluded.

4. Ease of Exchange/Returns - the likes of Zalora provides customers with return label in case the item has to be returned. At B.B we do not accept returns but we do assist customers with alterations/repairs free of charge, but only till end 2020. Beginning January 2021, a small fee would apply. While most customers may not opt for returns, having an well thought out process would certainly help. However, it is important to have a good return policy in place to avoid ambiguities.

5. Trustworthiness - every online customer purchases two things - the product and perception. Perception weighs heavier here. Thus most online shoppers would do their research before making the purchase. So, when an online sales happen, that means the customer bought it with full confidence. Online space provides such opportunities. Some customers prefer to engage with the seller before making their purchases. The best way to handle that is by being honest. Never sugar coat anything. Truth brings about trust. So, to close deals each time, it is important ensure the trustworthiness remains.

There is no guarantee that doing all of the above will guarantee sales but it would provide more opportunities to close sales. The basic question that the buyer often asks before buying is `what value would this bring me?', so as long as our fashion brings that value, sales are likely to be closed.

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