So, what's with a crop top?

It's summer and crop tops are in vogue again. Crop tops are basically tops that cover just the right region of your upper body, as much as you would like to cover. Fashion statement is made within that small piece of attire. While crop tops are worn for comfort on hot sunny days, designs in crop tops would make one stand out in the crowd.

Check here to see some of the crop tops that fashionists see as trend setter this season.

If you find them a tad too expensive, Bollywood Begum has a simple, less expensive collection; you can check it out here.

Now, how should you wear a crop top? Crop tops can be worn just as tops or can be worn with a kimono or with a scarf over the shoulder. Find out here, 17 ways to wear a crop top modestly.

Feel free to share pictures of your crop tops with us!

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