Making the Front Opening in Pakistani Style Salwar Top

This year Bollywood Begum will have a few variations in the Pakistani style salwar top in our Diwali 2020 collection. With the pandemic not easing anytime soon, we aspire to provide our customers with new styles and designs to celebrate the auspicious festival, amid social distancing.

In this posting we are going to see how to make the front opening in the Pakistani style salwar top.

First you cut a piece of iron-on-interfacing and iron it on to the fabric. Try to use the smaller remnants rather than the main piece itself.

After ironing, you will need to cut the side on the left at 1/4 inch and the right at 1 1/2 inches.

Then, fold the sides and iron. If you are using a synthetic material, please sprinkle a little water on the fabric before ironing or use a steam iron. Worry not, the fabric will not burn :).

Then iron by folding the second side.

Then sew the groove at the inner side, to give a margin for overlapping the front opening.

Then cut off the groove before turning inside out.

This is how the end product would look like. After this step, attach the band to the front opening by making a cut at the front of the salwar top.

The final style and look will be like this. This top can be matched with salwar pants, dhoti or men's dhoti pants. Or you can choose to look like an Arab tribal head :)!

This is a variation of the same design, in blue cotton sateen fabric. The design comes with two deep side pockets for you to keep your valuables :)

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