Buying Clothes Online - What do you do after you receive your package? - Part 2

So, you have placed order and waited impatiently for the order to arrive. Finally, the delivery man arrives with your package. Here are a few things that you may want to do as you open the packaging:

  1. Check to see if the package had arrived in good condition - torn? wet? have signs of tampering? Some online sellers use stickers at the part where the box/container is closed. If torn, you know that someone had his/her hand inside the box. B.B also has a sticker placed on the opening flap as precaution.

  2. Record the opening of the package - there was a case where someone ordered an iPhone over the Net and when he received his package he had the presence of mind to record the unboxing - inside were a few bars of washing soap! Well, he was conned to the max, but luckily he had recorded the unboxing. What happened after that, we have no idea but he has evidence that the package did not contain what it should have. A number of our customers also send us photos after unboxing their packages, so we know they received their orders in good condition.

  3. Try the clothes in safe manner - You may have ordered some fashion attire online. Fashion can be very subjective as fit and all depends a lot on the design and your body cutting/size. So, if by any chance you think you can't fit in, do not force the attire onto your body, chances are it might tear. This has happened to some of our customers. Despite our reminder that the fabric we use are special ones, which need to be used with care, they still handle them roughly and cause tear. At B.B we do commit to repair and alterations within 2 weeks upon receipt, but if the tear is huge, there is simply nothing we can do. Ideally, touch the fabric and see the texture. Soft? Thin? Then handle with extra care. Strong? Thick? Then try as you may. But never force a small sized outfit on to yourself, it is bound to tear!

  4. Keep the packaging/return slip - You may want to retain both or either one as if you want to return the item, you will need one of them, if not both. More so if the outfit did not fit. Most of us do not want the hassle of returning an item especially if the hassle of returning outweighs the satisfaction of wearing the outfit.

So, what is the best way in handling this when buying online? Here are some tips, as recap:

  1. Ensure that you checkout the size chart, seek clarification from the seller, if needed.

  2. Check FAQs, if available.

  3. Check Return Policy - whether you can return/exchange/alter an item. Sellers usually offer one of these.

  4. Have moderate expectations - you will certainly not look like the model wearing it and none of us are of the perfect 36-24-36, so fitting could be not so perfect. Importantly, as long as you are comfortable wearing something, that should be sufficient.

Covid-10 has made in almost compulsory for us to buy stuff online, so practice makes perfect. You may get some negative experience once or twice, then you will wisen-up. Trust us, for we, too got burned before as online purchaser :)

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