Building Your Style Under Covid-19

The pandemic is here to stay for sometime. The World Health Organization has said it is a huge wave, not just one season. That means, the pandemic is here to stay almost forever, at most it can just be made into a smaller problem, but not to be eliminated for good.

That also means life's normality would not return to pre-Covid days where we had moved about freely. Today, there are new norms to follow: 1. Face mask is a must, 2. Some prefer to use gloves, especially if he/she is a frontliner, 3. Social distancing is a must, 4. Wherever you go, you need to check in to ensure your contact can be traced in case of unwanted infection. And the most prominent change is the call to remain at home.

Many companies have resorted to work from home arrangements. This has brought about huge changes to the way people need clothing. Office clothes are not really required. People need PPEs. People need masks. People need gloves.

Gloves have always been a luxury in high fashion, often worn to make a statement. But now a necessity. Masks were part of masquerade parties but now a need. So, what do fashion designers do now? How do they keep up with time?

This is where creativity and ingenuity comes in. Designers need to take a step back and let their creativity look at different angle. As long as the face can be covered, the need is satisfied. Designs may need to evolve to accommodate that. But as this juncture, how far it would, remains to be seen.

Designers also need to be able to work on a new concept attires - work from home lines. Work from home is not always about working in pyjamas. Sometimes one need to meet clients, virtually. Pyjamas are not okay, not your sexy lingerie either. So, we need something that is both formal and informal at the same time, not just smart casual, one that is casual yet smart looking.

In countries where social gatherings like weddings are a great deal, designers have to re assess their fashion lines. people are going to shun gatherings for sometime. Or the demand may not be as high as pre Covid. So, designers need to choose the styles that they would like to focus on - casuals, timeless pieces or just keep doing what they were doing before.

Then, there is the marketing part. This would be discussed in another blog. Till then stay Covid safe, folks!

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